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"Big Game Promotions: I would recommend to your school. They are hard working, up front and want the best posters and sponsors they can get for your school. I felt they were working WITH us and FOR us. If there was ever a question or concern or deadline coming up they would remind me. All I had to do was send pictures and schedules through the web site. They did the rest. I get phone calls all the time from other companies. I trust the perfectionism Big Game Promotions gave us."

  • - Michelle Stone

  • Irvington Athletic Director

"Big game promotions has been a tremendous asset to our athletics program at Mammoth High School. In addition the the check we receive each season, we get large, full color posters that are professionally designed printed. They look much better than anything we can do on our own! The company is easy to work with and has a great interface that allows me to monitor the progress of current, past, and future campaigns. Personnel are always available over the phone or email and return messages super quick. A hidden benefit we have noticed is that we get free promotion to all our local companies even if they choose not to purchase advertisements. The professional calls from Big Game on behalf of Mammoth High School are a constant reminder to our local businesses that we are here, events are ongoing, and we need their support!"

  • - Christopher Powell

  • Athletic Director, Mammoth High School

"Dear Big Game Promotions:

I have dealt with two or three different companies putting together sport season calendars for us. Big Game Promotions has provided us with a quality product and more cash than our previous suppliers. In the winter of 2011-12 our previous company gave us a check for less than $200. That company told us they could not longer work in with us because of declining ads in our area. During the 2012-13 winter season Big Game Promotions gave us a check for over $1100, quite a difference from the same season.

Your group is easy to work with and has reasonable deadlines. We have struggled at times finding pictures to get on the poster and you are willing to work with us to get those pictures on the poster. Once the kids and parents see their picture on the poster they grab four or five of the posters.

Thank you for your service and support of Evergreen athletics

Tony Barnett"

  • - Tony Barnett

  • Athletic Director, Evergreen High School

"The online tracking system along with the ability to download pictures and schedules makes the process very simple. We are able to see the money that is being generated each season which allows for accountability that we haven't had in the past. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Big Game Promotions."

  • - Daren DePew

  • Athletic Director

"The posters created by BGP have been the best I have seen at our school in the seventeen years that I have worked here. The artwork is great, as well as the ease of uploading schedules and photos. The money generated by the posters has made it possible to reward athletes with uniforms and equipment. I would recommend BGP to anyone interested in a quality professional product."

  • - Jeff Meyer

  • Athletic Director

"I was very pleased and excited after seeing the end product of our team poster. I was very impressed with the ease of the entire process from beginning to end. Once I submitted our game schedule & photos to the first proof ect. The process was simple and very much people friendly, Big Game Promotions was open to suggestions in getting the best possible product for both of us."

  • - P. Moramarco

  • Athletic Director

"First class and was a big hit on our campus and the community. Big Game Promotions has had an aggressive marketing campaign in our community and many businesses are supporting our athletic program. The money has helped us a great deal this year.
Thanks Big Game!"

  • - G. Summerhays

  • Athletic Director

"Big Game Promotions provided us with a simple way to raise money for our Booster Club. Despite the fact that we are on opposite coasts, everything worked fine and this required little effort on our part. Big Game contacted our local merchants, printed up the posters, and sent us checks at the end of each sport season."

  • - J. Ryan

  • Booster President
Colorado Athletic Directors Association
Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League